The project has been promoted and developed by Genus Bononiae, the technological partner is MomaSoft.

From 2015 Genus Bononiae Musei nella Città started a project to acquire, archive, store and promote in digital format of the Bolognese fotoreporter Paolo Ferrari.

The photographic archive has been donated from Paolo Ferrari himself, eager to save and valorize his work and demonstrate his commitment to Bologna.

The archive counts about 1 million 35 mm black and white negatives, 400.000 color negatives and slides and more than 1 million digital images.  This profound historical, artistic and cultural heritage covers the work of more half a century of career – from the beginning of 70’s to around 2008 – during which the main vents happened in Bologna and province have been told, but also many reportages realized nationwide and abroad.

The material, only minimally leaked by the author in just in soltanto in minima parte divulgato dall’autore in specialized publications, is still mainly unpublished and represent a resource for those who want to reconstruct Bolognese and Italian’s history by images. 

They have been selected, scanned, catalogued and archived about 20.000 images from the film’s fund by now. Among these, 3.000 have been digitally restored and uploaded in TIFF format on the MomaPIX website

The database will be daily enriched with new photos and will contain 30.000 restored images up to speed, available and downloadable from the website, on a a total of about 150.000 pictures that will be scanned and archived. 

There also will be some promotion activities to create awareness on Genus Bononiae’s Archive, through different virtual exhibitions on subjects that Paolo Ferrari has covered during his career. These ‘Galleries’ will contain focus with news , data and testimonies which will valorize the images even more.