The photo agencies landscape has now a new player, ONEWORLD PICTURE, providing travel photography and travel reportage of professional photographers, world explorers and long-term travellers. It is not a traditional stock agency but rather a community whose passion is the world of travel photography.

“We bring photographers, photo-seekers and bloggers together – says Stefan Oberhauser, founder of ONEWORLD PICTURE – Our aspiration is to offer authentic and high-class travel photograph. We look forward to continually offer inspiring stories and extraordinary experiences from around the world.”

The website is structured in a way that makes searches easier, by taking cue from the filters proposed. In fact it is possible to search by continent and countries, by concept, by photographic terms, by licence, by format, by photographer, by number of people and also filter embeddable images.

Also important is the search by colors: users select the palette to get results fitting with the choice made.

Users can buy royalty free images online by credit card or request an account to get the permission for royalty managed pictures downloads or the permission to grab the embed code.

Have a look at ONEWORLD PICTURE new website and join its community if you’re a passionate traveller!