In the last weeks the MomaSoft team has worked on the development of new features that, by sharing ideas with some of you, have been evaluated very useful to simplify your daily work.

Here are the updates we’ve released:

  • Video support for the “presentation”
  • Module “IP Firewall” as an additional security measure
  • Search for “id” and new entry “watermark” in the download reports
  • Panel “historic downloads”

Let’s see them one by one in detail.

Presentation: support for video.

Many of you liked the “presentation” feature for its versatility.

Someone of you use it with the watermark on the photos to show the entire service to customers, who can then choose which photos to buy. Other people put the buttons for download and use it instead of WeTransfer to deliver images. Someone else gives the opportunity to share the presentation on social images.

In short, sharing a slideshow of full-screen images, by mail with a private link, is a must for everyone.

The news is that now you can also insert videos into presentations.

And with the next release we will provide a completely new version!



Safety: new IP firewall module.

We have introduced an additional safety measure to prevent the unpleasant experience of unauthorized images download.

In Settings -> Preferences -> Security , we have added the IP Firewall module , where you can:

  • configure the blacklist of banned IP
  • configure other lists
  • tidying up the lists on the basis of access policy
  • change access policies
  • enable a check on intrusion attempts, blocking your access after a series of consecutive login attempts with the wrong password



We remind other actions you can take in order to maintain a high level of security:

  • set the strength and password expiration, in Settings -> Preferences -> Security -> Security Password
  • limit the duration of the sessions
  • set daily download limits , monthly and yearly in the cards that regulate the access permissions for each customer, in the ” Download Options “
  • enable the download notifications in Settings -> Preferences -> Notifications


Download reports: search for “id” and new watermark voice.

We’ve added the ability to search the downloaded images by using the id, through the new fields of research “picture id ” and “id service”.

Moreover in Settings -> Download reports you can enable a new column that says if files are downloaded in low resolution watermarked or not, by checking the field “watermark”.



New panel “Download history”.

We introduced the ability for users with visibility into reporting panel to check who, when and how a specific picture has been downloaded, without having to cross-search in the download reports.

To access all of downloading data on a specific content, you just need to click on it with the right mouse button (or press H on your keyboard) and select the new entry “download history” in the menu .

download history


In Reports -> Settings you can configure the fields of “download history” panel.

Download history panel is read-only by default. As all of MomaPIX functionalities, however, we can implement customizations. We can assess together feasibility, costs and timing.