MomaSoft corporate website launch comes with products renewal and new logos.

On the tenth anniversary of the launch of our MomaPIX software, we felt the need of an important change in the communication, to tell better who we are and what we do. We wanted to highlight the company and the values behind MomaPIX brand, so as to enhance our corporate identity.

The creation of a MomaSoft corporate website has been functional for this purpose.
The new site devotes much attention to our history and our present storytelling, through a new blog and a section dedicated to our clients featured projects.

The deep dive into the different solutions developed to meet the needs in the field of photos and videos management and distribution is left to the specific product websites, MomaPIX and the new MomaBLAST, accessible from MomaSoft website that acts as an hub.

Our customers speak firsthand with their reviews also in these websites.

There are some crucial elements in the communication made through the new website:

  • The internationalization, central point of our vision. MomaPIX is now a product used and very appreciated not only by Italian clients.
  • Focus on the DAM product designed for companies that have to update their methods of media asset management for their communication
  • The new MomaBLAST solution designed for large international agencies that have to distribute enormous amount of files daily

The renewal in terms of content has inevitably affected the graphics, more modern and responsive.
Logos for MomaSoft and MomaBLAST have been created, the same MomaPIX logo has been renewed.

We thank you in advance for any advice you want to share with us.