From 5th August  to 11th September an interesting exhibition of the photographer Claudio Barontini will take place in Livorno at the Civic Musem “Giovanni Fattori”.

There will be shown a lot of black and white portraits photos of famous people, made in the years from 1990 to 2016. Among them, there will be Vivienne Westwood, Prince Charles and Patti Smith.

All these images create a “portrait picture”, where the background becomes as important as the main subject. “Rather than individual considerations of a photograph or the other – says Valerio P. Cremolini, exhibition curator and art critic – it is preferable to express an overall assessment on the special archive of the photographer, complemented by a widespread expressive strength, obtained by a painstaking study of the subjetcs that are carefully chosen. The final result gives the feeling of naturalness and the look, the pose, the dress, the environment, the objects and the various details combine to represent the added value of the other one.”

The Claudio Barontini online archive of MomaPIX: