The new Sunray Photo’s layout website makes images search faster and amusing.

Sunray Photo is an international syndication photo agency that propose services and images of Food, Beauty, Lifestyle&Fashion, Interiors&Deco, Travel&Reportage to editorial and commercial clients worldwide.

Its website has been recently transformed by a new graphic design, developed together with the MomaPIX team to enhance the complete services and to guide customers in choosing.

In the interview to Gabriella Lobuono, Managing Director at Sunray Photo, we tell you how the new project started and how the new features are improving the agency’s work .

Gabriella, what reasons prompted you to develop a new graphic design?
“Our website was born more than 4 years ago: with the rapid evolution of the web it was necessary to refresh our image.
Today a photo agency is requested to do different things than in the past .
It’s important to give more importance to the photos rather than the related texts. The website must be easy to use and intuitive to make the consultation quicker.”

What are the main new features of your website?
“We have designed a new homepage, dynamic and full of images that could reflect the style of our content and show at a glance all our different themes.
Once logged into the protected area of the site, customers see images at a larger size than before, thanks to the enlarged preview on mouse over. In this way the process of the selection of the picture is much faster.
For us it was also crucial to emphasize our strength, the complete services, that are ready to be published as they are created by specialized editors. So we thought of a new layout that would help the customers in their choice.”

How did MomaPIX team support you?
“MomaPIX team listened to our needs and proposed us intelligent and functional solutions to our ideas. It’s been a great team effort: once defined the whole project and the new features, each of the technicians was in charge of a specific part, and this has helped to carry out the new graphic project in the most effective manner and in short time, thanks to the individual skills of each team member.”

How the updates have been instrumental in improving your business?
“Today the website is a perfect mirror of what we set out, the search is improved, and the images have the right importance they deserved. We are absolutely satisfied and the development of MomaPIX team has definitely improved our business.”

What feedback did you receive from your customers? Do you expect any changes in the relationship with them and, more generally, in your industry?
“We only receive positive feedback from all of our customers, someone told us that now looking for images has become even funny. Many of them are now more inclined to search individually rather than ask searches and selections to our team. And now we are searching new customers with a different spirit, sure that those who visit our website for the first time will not be disappointed but will rather have fun with us in this work that, in the end, is always new and more exciting.”