We recently asked a good few of you to give us your views on MomaPIX.

First of all, thanks to those who answered! We have many projects in the pipeline and it is very important to know your point of view, to be sure we are going in a direction that meets your expectations.

So what do you think?
We asked you to tell us which areas of MomaPIX need improvement.

The three most popular areas which you would like us to look at are:

  • presentation with private link
  • graphic
  • reports and download options

Which new features do you like we develop?
We also asked you which new features or specific improvements do you like we release soon.
You gave us many interesting thoughts, thanks for this too!

The most popular idea was that of a general MomaPIX search engine, for all the websites that want to participate.

How happy are you about MomaPIX?
The biggest pie slice (43,8%) declare very satisfied, with a rate of 4 on 5. 18,8% is satisfied, while for 37,5% MomaPIX is the top.

Of course there will be also clients who are not satisfied…but it is likely they prefer not to let us know!

What’s next?
We will prioritize your feedback and then start to implement these enhancements for MomaPIX that will be released in the next months together with a lot of other new features and projects we are dealing with!