With more than 60 years of activities, Palazzetti is a European and world leader in the heating sector. Fireplaces, stoves and barbecues are distinguished by the high technological and aesthetic standards and the absolute respect for the environment.

Images have to support marketing and sales activities
To live up to the quality of products, customer relationship are inspired by criteria of timeliness, efficiency and transparency.For this reason Palazzetti has decided to set up a multilingual online system for digital content management, able to optimize communication between the company, resellers and customers.

Comparison between old and new method
Before using MomaPIX it was time consuming to find images since they had not any metadata to make the search easy and they were stored in a folder on a server that was hard to manage and maintain. Accesses could not be regulated in any way.

MomaPIX has simplified this aspects and has provided some new ideas to satisfy a lot of requirements:

  • Centralization of all images in one place, accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Setting up user groups with different access permissions (for example, the possibility for some employees to edit metadata)
  • Clear and simple interface to make the website easy to use
  • Advanced search options to help users finding as fast as possible what they are looking for
  • The possibility to see catalogs from tablet and mobile devices for sales support